Brooke Innovation Fund

Brooke Innovation Fund has to unlock persistent problems affecting working equids in new and effective ways. Let us fund new successes – or meaningful failures!

Key to the projects that are chosen are:

  1. They trial a new way of addressing a problem.
  2. They will provide a basis for learning either from failure or success.

Brooke has a revised Theory of Change in which we recognise the ways that community development, services and farming systems impact on the welfare of working equids and the ways in which sustainable change happens for working livestock and the people that depend on them

Funded projects are all pilots and we expect to fund initially for no longer than 12 months. They should clearly trial something new or doing something in a new way and have a vision for scale-up if they are successful.

We will not fund work that focuses on existing programmes, nor fund projects that simply replicate existing models or approaches. In short, Brooke’s Innovation Fund looks for fresh ideas and approaches for mutual learning and improved Animal Welfare.


Brooke welcomes applications from teams who work for Brooke worldwide, external organisations or individuals who can demonstrate how their idea will unlock a problem affecting working equines. Due diligence checks will apply to new relationships.


Proposals from £15,000 – £35,000 are welcome for projects up to 12 months in duration.


This is a competitive process. The deadline for applications is 3 August 2018. Applications will be reviewed by an internal international review board during the week commencing 13 August 2018.

The decision of the review board is final.


Please download and complete an application form and Excel budget spreadsheet and return them by 3 August to:


Innovation Fund application form 80.76 KB

Innovation Fund 2018 budget spreadsheet 13.24 KB


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